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No idea comes from nowhere so I’d like to acknowledge everybody who has been a part of this crazy ride called “owning a bar”. Whether it’s a small part or a big part, you have helped to create Cupid bar and continue to be a part of its journey.



Music is important. A friend once said, “some people just use music as wallpaper and it doesn’t matter what’s playing. I generally don’t relate to those people.”

If you like my playlist you can follow it here:

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The Ambassador Cinema Building

Once a silent film picture theatre, built in 1929, the Ambassador Cinema building has had several incarnations since then. It showed films up until the 1980s, then was bought by artist Peter Roche in the 1990s, was a rock bar and music venue then a cocktail lounge called Montage.

Below is a video featuring some of the upstairs apartment and a glimpse of the theatre space which is still owned by Peter and Natasha.


Art and Design

Logo and design by Melanie Bosma.

Interior by Alix McEntegart.

If you are interested in exhibiting artwork in the bar, I’d love to hear from you.