Ambassador 90th Birthday week


The Ambassador Theatre in Pt Chevalier turns 90 years old this April.

To celebrate her long life and colourful stories, we invite you to attend a week of special events at Cupid bar.

We will also be letting limited numbers of people enter into the theatre for a peek at the space behind the velvet curtains. Bring a koha for entry (gold coin).

Viewings will take place every night of the week, 9-13th April. Guaranteed viewing times at 5pm, 6pm & midnight.


Tuesday 9th April: Myths and Mystery doors

Q&A session featuring Russell Brown and others telling some yarns. Did you know the Ambassador was one of the best independent rock’n’roll venues in Tamaki Makaurau? It was essentially Auckland’s CBGB. Many a band formed here or played their first live gig; cut their teeth in this little corner. Some stories of debauchery, drugs and liquor may be true and some may be invented…. but who could make this stuff up?


Wednesday 10th April: Jazz themed cocktail night

If rock bands aren’t your scene and you’d rather shake your tail feather from the bar whilst sipping a cocktail, then dust off your flapper dress and put on your Wednesday best. We will be providing soothing soul and sophisticated jazz tonight along with a tasty 1920s-inspired beverage menu.

Ambassador Theatre viewings will take place at least 4 times throughout each night. This week only. First viewings at 5pm & 6pm. Later viewings are dependent on each night: if you get amongst it, we will do our best to accommodate all.

If you’d like to call ahead, give us a ring 0276086486 or email.

labretta suede bassy.jpg

Thursday 11th April: Labretta Suede and the Motel 6

After a wee hiatus from gracing these floors, (well they have been touring and living in the USA) Labretta Suede and the Motel 6 are back for one night…. “for those of us that remember the good ole’ days of The Ambassador Bar kicking out the jams.”

Back to the Bassy! Opening act is King Kaiju.

Let’s make this an unforgettable Ambassador Reunion show!


Friday 12th April: Wild Dress-up Party and DJs

For all you animal print lovers: a night where you can indulge and wear multiple prints/ Hawaiian shirts/ onesies/ camo/ pyjamas/ snake jewellery/ whatever wild things your heart desires.

Featuring Allan Perrott (House of Bamboo) and a special guest appearance by Randa.

Please note: Theatre viewings will happen in a controlled manner as it is a private space and usually off-bounds. Only a small area will be accessible and limited numbers will be allowed to enter at a time. Respect the mystery of this 90-year-old beauty.


Saturday 13th April: Warm Leather

To close the week we have one more band in store for you: trio Warm Leather features Mr A. Tolley, MF Joyce of Demiwhores, Boxcar Guitars, Drab Doo Riffs and Magic Factory note, and JP Watson of Slavetrader, Blazing Shade, Luna Vela and Magic Factory supersub.

If you didn’t think things had heated up around here, well they will be smokin’ by now!!!

Followed by a DJ set and our final theatre viewing.


As mentioned, if you snooze you lose! This is the final night that we will be allowing visitors the opportunity to view the theatre. The final viewing time is midnight on Saturday 13th April.


Thank you for your attention!

Normal operations 16-18 April.

We are closed for Easter weekend 19-22 then open usual hours Tuesday 5pm til late and Wednesday-Saturday 3pm til late.